SonicWall Live Demo

Welcome to the SonicWall Live. This page provides customers, resellers and the general public with a portal for real product demonstrations of SonicWall’s product line.

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SonicWall NSA 6600

Application Intelligence Control and Visualization, with DPI-SSL and Capture ATP.

Application Intelligence utilizes SonicWall’s RFDPI to scan every packet to identify applications that are in use and who is using them.

Application Control enables flexible, configurable application policies to throttle or block applications and files, URLs, and email attachments based upon application type, network user, schedules, custom signatures, and more.

The new Visualization Dashboard brings a superior level of productivity by giving IT the ability to observe, set new policy, observe the new results, and then modify policy when needed. All of this is accomplished quickly and easily with SonicWall’s Next Generation Firewall.

Live Demos

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